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What are the top five best decisions you ever made?

  1. Social Media:

    Social Media Changed many lives for good but, destroyed a generation worth or more for the worst. Test it yourself, and try to focus on a simple task for 45 minutes. Most probably you would not be able to do it. You’d blame it on reasons like,

    you’re bored…

    not today…

    Lemme check what this chick is up to on Instagram, Facebook…

    This is an ever-ending loop because of the short yet powerful dose of dopamine you get whenever you get a notification on your phone. This is not just dangerous but straight up a career-killing machine.

    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc hire a team of well-known or highly paid PhDs or so they call, UX Researchers to get paid top dollar to hook you up on your screen for hours at a time. Apparently, they’re very good at it. Highly-paid PhDs + Machine Learning algorithms understand more about your likes and dislikes to serve you similar videos or content which you’re most likely to watch before you decide to exit Facebook. Which, happens only after a brief disruption (mom yelling, asking you to come for dinner… etc)

    This toxicity ruins your ability to focus on any task for an extended period of time. If you are wondering why your performance is poor in exams or why you’re not having sufficient skills though you were a child prodigy, until, you got an iPad as a gift. Matter of fact, many of you would probably not even read this answer till the end, because your brain doesn’t get the same effect of dopamine that they would get otherwise by seeing worthless but new information constantly.

    Now, before all of you come at me screaming, yelling, and defending how the internet is changing lives, how much information is accessible, and all that BS.

    I would like you to think of how many hours you spend on the internet taking advantage of the on-demand information available from any corner of the world.

    You cannot deny all the information-rich world has done is, made us time and attention poor. ADHD is more common now and this information-overloaded world is one of the significant reasons.

    I am no longer on social media, I just take advantage of promoting my businesses. That is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.

  2. Becoming an Athiest:

    When we humans, cannot answer something we tend to blame it on an almighty that no one has ever seen, heard, or proved to exist.

    As I grew up, I started to read, a lot.

    The more I read, the more I was inclined toward becoming an atheist. I was agnostic for quite some time before I turned an atheist and life has never been better ever since.

    Now, I do not blame anyone for anything happening in my life. No more excuses or blaming it all on the almighty. By doing so, I became more responsible and took ownership of the happenings in my life and the world never felt better.

  3. Making Purchases on Udemy.

    Early investing in crypto would’ve been cool & all, If you ask me about what’s the best investments I’ve made so far, I’d answer buying courses for $9.99 on Udemy. These courses have given me the ability to literally build my business from the ground up without having to spend a shit ton of money on college tuition etc.

    I start with one course and consume it for 3–4 months before I move on to the next one. Best ROIs ever.

  4. Stopped Giving a Damn About the Status Quo.

    I realize this gets even tough if you’re Indian or Asian, as those communities are very well known for keeping up with the Joneses.

    The sooner you get out of it, the better it would be. I realized there was so more to life than just following the conventional path,

    Birth → Education → Marriage → Buying a house → Spending good half of your life paying the debt → Support children’s education → Finally own the house → Save enough money to retire → own probably a house and a vacation house to be considered ‘RICH’. → DIE.

    if reading that doesn’t depress you I don’t know what else will. That sums up strikingly the majority of the people’s lives on this planet.

    I broke the cycle when I left my cushy job and decided to take the leap of faith at the right time when I was capable of taking risks.

    I got many backlashes due to it, but now that my business is growing and I am making four times or more than the salary I used to. Everyone’s happy.

    One of the best decisions in my life so far.
Human Life Cycle.

5. Started to listen to books than having to read them.

I never read or wondered about audiobooks ever, because the last time I tried them, it was just a monotonous robot reading out words in the book like a transcript reader.

Until I tried Audiobooks,

I’ve never been so productive in my life. I am completing books at a rate I never thought I would’ve otherwise.

I do take notes as I use to and save them in my Evernote or notion. But switching to audiobooks was one of the best decisions as I never use to get time to read anymore due to work.

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